Places to visit in Srirangapatna

The distance between Mysore and Srirangapatna is 18km. The journey takes about30 minutes by car.



Srirangapatna is a small town in Mandya District of Karnataka, India. The distance from Mandya to Srirangapatna is around 25 km, the town is closer to Mysore City and the distance is 18 km. Srirangapatna Town got its name from the well-known Ranganathaswamy temple which is the landmark of this town. Srirangapatna is one of the most worshipped centers for the Vaishnavites. For a very long time, this town has been a pilgrimage and religious center. The town has historical significance. This was a significant center of the Vijayanagar Empire and the capital of Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. Srirangapatna is a traveler’s paradise with various places to visit for all preferences of individuals. They include Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Ranganathittu bird Sanctuary, Captain Bailey’s Dungeon, Dariya Daulat Bagh, Jama Masjid, Gumbaz, Balmuri falls, Srirangapatna Fort additionally called Tipu’s castle, Karighatta Temple, Nimishamba Swamy Temple. During the British system, the town was named as Srirangapatna. 



Places to visit in SRIRANGAPATNA

1.Srirangapatna fort -Tipu’s palace

         This fort was built by an ancient lord. Later Tipu Sultan redesigned, and strengthened the same fort for his necessity. Thus it will resemble a combination of a Hindu Muslim style. Inside the fort, there is a Lal Mahal which was the residence of Tipu Sultan who was the Ruler of Mysore. There are 4 passages inside the fort, one each on each side known as the Delhi, Bangalore, Mysore, and elephants. The famous Sri RanganathaSwamy temple and a mosque are situated inside the fort. Inside the fort, there are 24 stone columns with carvings of Lord Vishnu in 24 distinct structures which is an undoubted requirement to see.



2. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple

   The temple is an enormous one dedicated to Lord Ranganatha, an indication of Lord Mahavishnu, one of the Trimurti divine forces of Hindus. This temple was built in the ninth century by the leaders of the Ganga Dynasty. Later the temple building was renovated and strengthened and hence has the impact of the Hoysala and Vijayanagar structural influences. The primary branch of the river Kaveri moves through behind the temple.  During the Sankranthi day, there will be a function of Lakshadeepotsava.


3. Captain’s Bailey Dungeon

    It is a brick design of around 100 feet by 40 feet constructed and utilized by Tipu as a fortress to detain his prisoners. In the underground walls of the jail, there are hooks to chain the detainees’ hands. The British Colonel Bailey died here in 1780 A D thus the name Bailey’s Dungeon.



         Ranganathittu is right external to Srirangapatna. After Srirangapatna headed for Mysore, there was a street towards the right. This street prompts Ranganathittu, a world-well-known bird sanctuary. It resembles an island in river Kaveri, a heaven for bird lovers. This bird paradise is the favored settling ground for quite a long time of resident birds. Go boating on the waterway, get a fascinating view of the different types of birds, and catch a brief look at the marsh crocodiles in the waters.


5. Dariya Daulat Bagh

        This is the summer Palace of Tipu built-in 1784 with Teak wood. This spot worked as a pleasant royal residence with green covers like yards and bloom beds and hardly any trees. From the external significant piece of the Palace is covered up and may seem like a small structure. The insides are flawlessly arranged with rich canvases.



        Jama Masjid – the mosque is Tipu’s mosque built by him. The mosque has a little arch and is painted white with tall pinnacles(towers). There is a clock in the Masjid which has been working for about a century.

   7. GUMBAZ

      Gumbaz is the burial spot of Tipu Sultan, Tipu’s parents Hyder Ali and Begum Fatima. It is on a raised stage. Around this burial place, different burial chambers of Tipu’s deceased relations and other Muslim aristocrats are found. Within the Gumbaz, the walls are painted with tiger-like stripes, an image-like thing, a most loved chime of Tipu Sultan. The entrance door is enriched with ivory gifted by Lord Dalhousie.




         This is a temple in Srirangapatna. One needs to take a little deviation to one side close to the Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan on the bank of the waterway papanasini a feeder of Kaveri. The temple’s primary god is Nimishamba, an indication of Goddess Parvathy. Nimishamba implies the goddess who gets the issues and challenges free from the devotees in a Nimisha (minute). Before the Nimishamba temple, there is a stone Sri Chakra.



        It is a temple on a hillock. The name Karighatta implies a dark hill. There is a temple on the hill committed to Lord Srinivasa, called Vaikunta Srinivasa, a type of Vishnu, like the god at Tirupati. On one or the other side of the idol, there are the symbols of the Yoga Srinivasa (without consorts) and Bhoga Srinivasa all in black rock stones.

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